Webcomic Extravaganza: XKCD

I figured an easy feature to do would be to provide links and short descriptions about the webcomics I'm currently following. First of all, let me state that you have NO IDEA how many webcomics there are out there. Sure, you might have a good guess. Then you remember that there are artists in Japan and Korea and probably some in Europe that are drawing up a storm and throwing it on the web too. I've seen one of the Korean sites where a bunch of artists have series in progress. WOW.
That's a lot of comic distraction provided for free on the web.
So let's start with one I've covered before, XKCD.
One of my previous mentionings was here, http://dumbtechgeek.blogspot.com/2009/05/xkcd-on-serentiy.html , when the artist included Serenity characters in a series. And yes, I just noticed in the link that I initially had a typo in the title. No clue if it's still there.
This one's still a fun one after years of reading. It releases new one every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. It's currently on its 676th comic (that's as of December 17). The one downer about this series is I don't want to include a lot of pictures. Not just because it means more work for me going and finding good ones to copy, but also because some of these artists get sensitive when their stuff is copied without permission, even if it was someone hyping what they're doing and gets them a couple
more fans.
Anyway, XKCD is almost cooler because its LACK of effort. It deals strictly in stick figure comics, and usually has computer science topics. Sometimes there's romance jokes or science terms, but even if you don't get the jokes (which I don't on occasion) they're still humorous.
And you can never forget the mouseOver text on these things. You'll have to read fast on some of them, but the artist always includes an extra little punch-line in the text that appears when you hover your mouse over the comic strip.