Webcomic Extravaganza: Order of the Stick

It wasn't until after I started this series that I realized these first two I've already talked about. XKCD is a really well-known webcomic by geeks and non-geeks alike. Order of the Stick follows on the same string of having a simplistic art style but is more story-telling than the episodic XKCD.
To date this strip has 695 pages out already (as of December 17). Yes, instead of a single line of 3 to 4 blocks like XKCD, you get a whole page every update. Unfortunately this translates to less regular updates. The artist, Rich Burlew, was pretty good about updating multiple times a week for awhile there. Then some books of previous strips started getting published, he started a second strip that I'll highlight later, and he does go to conventions on occasion. This all leads to little hiccups in the regular updating schedule now and again.
Recently he's been back to normal, but he makes no promises about when he'll update again.
Since my last update the characters have changed quite a bit. They've all gotten new skills, new outfits, the art's improved a little more, and they're in a whole new environment. This is one of the comics that, when I read the most recent one, makes me want to go back and re-read
the previous 694 of them. They're very interesting, and follow the story of a band of 6 adventurers (and a raven) as they try to thwart the evil plans of an undead mage named Xykon who seems to be out to conquer the world or destroy it if he can't conquer.
And my favorite character in the whole lot is Belkar. He's a halfling ranger with a few points in Barbarian and a couple other points in the Chef (Gourmet) skill. It doesn't get into the story too often, but it's the little things that I find interesting. According to some folks I've talked to, it can be enlightening or disturbing to find out who someone's favorite character is. Belkar's one of the disturbing choices. Even though he's currently partied with the good guys, you get the feeling he could swing the other way if a deal he thought was personally awesome came around. Let me know who your favorite character is, if you actually take my recommendation and start reading this gem of the web.