What's Left

I talked to a couple friends and went to Game Xchange yesterday, and the results were surprising and depressing.
I came back from the game store with $87 in store credit, all the Game Gear stuff, both Game Boys, the Game Boy Color, & 2 broken N64 controllers.
Oh, should mention that Evictor is buying (almost) all my Gamecube stuff. One game that Tasuki's Hunny Bunny (goofy name, but girl likes farming simulations) wants is going to her. Still have a memory card, Animal Crossing, and Ultimate Spiderman willing to go to a good home.
Oh, and I can only use $50 of that store credit towards Wii system or Wii stuff. The other $37, since it was from 'old' stuff, has to be used to purchase other 'old' stuff. But luckily Gamecube games are listed as old in the store. So I'll have to see what they have and hopefully find something I didn't already own that I would like to play on the Wii.
Thank God for backwards compatibility.