Naruto 455: They're Giving Out Sharingans Left & Right Nowadays

So Danko's making plans to start traveling to the Kage conference. He
sends some of his minions to find Kabuto. He then selects his two guards
that will protect and accompany him to the Kage conference. They demand
that no one wear masks, so these 2 creepy looking dudes take off their
Anbu masks. Danko tells them they can do what they like with arming
themselves, trusting their judgment. He then tells one of them (they did
name them both, but didn't say which one was whom) to order some people
to watch Naruto. It's not that he doesn't trust Sai, but just in case.
Also, Naruto is NOT to leave the village.
Speaking of the over-active ninja, his face is severely jacked up. The
Cloud Ninja woman (Karui) is redefining butt-whooping all over him. And
he stands there and takes it. Finally as she swings again, Sai steps in
and blocks it. She asks why he's interfering and he has a flashback. He
was asking Kakashi why Naruto and Sakura were so loyal to Sasuke even
though he's a missing-nin. Kakashi told him he knew about Sai being sent to spy on Naruto.
Karui was just about to swing as Sai, when Omoi interrupted her. He told
her that she wasn't going to get any information out of Naruto. He
seemed like the type that stuck to his word, and he likes that about
Naruto. Just then their leader-lady Samui showed up and asked them what
they're doing. Karui looked embarrassed that she'd been beating someone
up. Samui said she needed Omoi and Karui's help to transcribe all the
information on Sasuke down, then she wants to take it back to the
Raikage. Naruto says he wants to meet the Raikage and explain to him why
he shouldn't go after Sasuke. Samui tells him that he shouldn't go near
the Raikage while he's heading to the conference. She's actually worried
for the Raikage, because she'd been hearing whispers about Naruto being
super-strong and that he should've been the one promoted to Hokage.
Sai takes Naruto off to be bandaged up. He suggests they call Sakura,
but Naruto doesn't want to have to explain the injuries to her. Yamato
and Kakashi are there. Naruto tells them he wants to go after the
Raikage. Yamato recommends against it, because Naruto's just lucky his
seal didn't break all the way when he let 8 of the 9 tails loose.
Then Naruto drops the bombshell. He saw his dad. Kakashi explained that
the 4th must have left a bit of his energy in Naruto in case of
emergency. Naruto informed them that the masked guy (Tobi) was really
Madara and he was behind all of this, including Pain. He was probably
even manipulating Sasuke the same way. Kakashi asked if the 4th said
anything else to him. Naruto smiled thinking of the fatherly comments
his dad made.
Kakashi tells Sai to go tell the Hokage about Madara being behind the last attacks. Then he tells
Naruto that he and Yamato will help him find the Raikage.
We then flash to Danzo and his two bodyguards. Some other ninja jump out
of some water nearby, and Danzo says something about finally getting
some exercise. He tells his bodyguards to leave the attackers alone,
he's going to handle them. Then he pulls back his bandages over his
right eye to reveal... THE SHARINGAN. *Cue dramatic music*
I wonder who he stole that from, and who all knew he even had it. Chances are his inside ninjas were aware of his power, else they wouldn't follow him so loyally. I hope Kakashi and Yamato are successful
in helping Naruto get out of the village. They will have to be ultra-sneaky, or pick a fight with other (misguided) Konoha ninjas.
Makes me wonder how far Danzo's ninjas would go to keep Naruto in the village...