Naruto 454: Picture Tutorial of Village Leaders

This week's volume was mostly an introduction to the different Kages as they head to their meeting from their respective villages. So let's go through some pics and make note of them all.

First one introduced to us is the Tsuchikage named Ōnoki. He's the little dude on the right. He's the leader of the Village hidden in the Rocks. He's very old, but very stubborn. He tries to carry his own bag, and throws his back out. Then the big dude behind him picks the guy AND his bag up and says they're ready to go.
Next we have the Mizukage, the leader of the Village hidden in the Mist. She'd be the attractive female in the center of the picture above. She's one of only two female Kages currently known, the other being Tsunade. Her name's not mentioned, but as we'd expect from anyone coming from this village, she's a little crazy. The big bodyguard on the right told the kid on the left to act like a man. Just saying the word 'man' set her off. Apparently some people have been telling her that she needs to marry a good man, and she's sick of it. She walked up to the big guy and said with a smile "Shut up or I'll kill you". The kid, to his credit, has apparently been promoted to one of the seven swordsmen of the mist. We all remember (or should) Zabuza, an early bad guy in the Naruto series who also held this title.

Last to be shown (since we already know the other two) is the Raikage. He's the leader of the Village hidden in the Clouds. We saw him before when his brother Kirabi (the host of the 8 tailed beast) fought and was supposedly captured by Sasuke and his team. He's crazy strong and likes to break things when he gets cranky. He seems to be upset they haven't heard word back from the ninja team they sent to Konoha about why Sasuke attacked his brother. He was hoping to hear something before heading out for the meeting.

Last but not least, remember this crazy chick shown above. She's one of the three ninjas from the Cloud Village sent to Konoha. She's... a little cranky right now. She was shown shoving Naruto into a wall demanding he tell her information about Sasuke. Naruto, in an effort not to perpetuate the chain of hatred that feeds the ninja world, refuses to rat out Sasuke in any way. She wants to know how they should deal with his lack of sharing. Naruto says "hit me all you want". So she starts wailing on him, and he lies there and takes it. Sai is watching this, and not helping. Knowing him he's probably just trying to figure out why Naruto's so devoted to Sasuke.
Oh, then at the end some Anbu are reporting to Danzo about their attempts to track down Anko (I didn't even know she was missing) and Kabuto. Danzo's concerned Kabuto knew about him keeping in touch with Orochimaru, and he also says he wants to know about Orochimaru's experiments. They may be helpful in fixing his right arm and right eye...
Gosh I hate Danzo. After Orochimaru did all that human experimentation, all Danzo can think about is "well, let's not waste that. fix me at any cost!" What a turd.
Oh, and crazy-girl above's name is Karui. Omoi is the other dark-skinned ninja that was asking about Sasuke. He's just standing there while she wails on Naruto.
Hope someone appreciates me typing these up when I can. These posts are a pain to spell-check. It highlights every ninja name and ninja village and ninja term. VERY tough to sort through.