Home Schooling Support

I know a number of people who follow my blog (and I probably don't know some of you who are also in this group) that were home schooled or know kids that were home schooled. I've seen some kids that had socializing problems, but they seriously seemed to be 'that type of kid'. You can go to school from K-12 and on, but if you didn't talk except when necessary until you were 5 even though you COULD, you're probably not going to be a very social adult.
And no joke about the number of programs these kids get involved in. I've never seen such a long list of extra-curriculars! I certainly wasn't anywhere near that involved in my community or socializing with my peers in my personal time.
Anyway, the reason I brought this up is because a blog I follow written by Richard G. Williams Jr. wrote a lengthy, well-informed, and interesting article about the many pro's of teaching your children at home as he did. It starts out as a response to someone else's article, but he has done a lot of research in support of this issue.
Almost as interesting as the lengthy article itself is the comments exchanged between Richard and the author of the article he's responding to.
If you get some time on your hands and want a very interesting read, click here.
Oh, it also has a comment about how South Korea has recently begun developing a thriving home schooling community. Yay internationalism!