Naruto 451: Policy Change

Rebuilding has already begun. Carpenters are pouring in from other places to help with the rebuilding of Konoha. Some ninja are worried that it is going to take forever to rebuild the village. Then Yamato does one jutsu... and the buildings on a single city block pop out of the ground! That wood jutsu of his is some awesome stuff, that he can just do rows of buildings like that. The other ninja standing around are all like 'hey, we can rebuild the village really fast like this', and Yamato's sweating and panting. I have a feeling he's going to be pushing himself for the next little while to help save on the carpenter fees.
Meanwhile, Naruto and Sakura are talking. Naruto's sad because he's not sure if he's going to get a chance to talk to Tsunade again. Sakura thinks he's selfish for not trying to comfort her. Then some familiar faces approach them: Inari and Tazuna. They haven't been seen since way back when Team 7 was fighting Zabuza. The little kid with the hat's grown up some, and according to Naruto the old man looks even older.
Kakashi walks up. Inari tells Sakura she's pretty. Then Tazuna asks an obvious but uncomfortable question, "Where's Sasuke?" Naruto quickly tells him that Sasuke and he had a fight, but Sasuke should be back not too long from now. Tazuna asks if there was some love triangle tension or something (What is this, a teenage drama? This is ninja-land, not Dawson's Creek). Naruto's like "umm, no". Inari and Tazuna walk away and get back to work. Which is good, because the whole conversation they kept cutting to guys wood-working in the background.
Naruto tells Kakashi and Sakura that now that he's lost Jiraiya, the one father-figure he has had while alive, he thinks he can understand Sasuke's pain better. He believes now that he can relate, Sasuke may actually listen to what he has to say, and come back to the village. He looks forward to fighting Sasuke, and hopes the result of the fight is Team 7 laughing together again.
Flash to Sasuke and his team running to Konoha. He has a mental flash of himself talking. He's going on about destroying anyone who stands in his way. Cranky lil emo kid.
Apparently Konoha has a team of people that manage some hawks. They use these big beautiful birds of prey to send messages to distant lands and people. They get a note in saying that a meeting of the Kages (leaders of the 5 main ninja villages) is being planned.
The ninjas from the Cloud Village talk to a Konoha ninja to find out that Tsunade's unconscious. They go to visit her, and Shizune offers to take the message. They want to give it to whoever is in charge until she wakes up... when Danzo walks into the tent and informs them all he's the Hokage now. He reads the message and mentions something about Sasuke. I'd guess it was the Cloud Village telling them that Sasuke was seen trying to capture or kill one of their important people.
Kiba rides up to Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi shouting. He tells them that Tsunade's been replaced by Danzo, and that Danzo has just given permission to all Konoha to 'dispose of Sasuke as a missing-nin. END
I knew it. Danzo was going to do something to disconnect Naruto's plans from that of the village. I wonder if he'll just go with it, planning to capture and not kill Sasuke when they meet, or he strikes out on his own to handle it without any village interference.