Naruto 450: Up Down and All Around

I'll just go scene-by-scene on this one instead of over-generalizing. Too much important stuff going on.
Naruto is walking away from his meeting place with Nagato when he falls forward from exhaustion. Kakashi appears in front of him and catches him, then begins running back to the village giving Naruto a piggy-back ride.
They get to the village and EVERYONE is cheering about how much they love Naruto. Apparently Tsunade's slug told them all what had happened. Hinata's crying with joy knowing Naruto's okay. Sakura walks up and punches him in the head for being so reckless... then hugs him and says thank you. The other villagers even start tossing him into the air!
Then a Black Ops tells Shikamaru's dad that he is needed in the conference room for a chat...
Meanwhile, the Venus Fly Trap guy goes back to report to Madara about what's happened. Madara says they'll need a new pawn to sync with the Gedo Mazo, which I'm guessing is that big thing that's holding all of the demon spirits. He also tells Kisame to hunt down the eight-tailed demon (that's the Killer Bee rapper guy from the Cloud Village, and yes I was temporarily confused).
Then we flash to the three ninjas from Cloud Village. Remember them? The leader of the village sent them to Konoha after he heard that Killer Bee was captured. I had to check to remind myself. Apparently he faked his capture and ran off to enjoy a vacation and shirking the responsibility to his village.
So they're goofing around. The guy on the team is rambling about how all the beautiful girls in Konoha are going to fall in love with him, and when he tried to leave they're all going to suggest they commit suicide together because they can't live without him. This talking frustrates the darker of his female teammates. Then they notice the big hole where the village used to be. So they go to look for someone to talk to.
Tsunade's in a coma. Naruto, Sakura, and Tsunade's assistant are hovering over her in a medical tent. She used all her reserve energy healing all the people in the village.
Then we go to the meeting that Shikamaru's dad went to. For ease of writing I looked up dude's name and it's Shikaku.
Anyway, the leaders of the Fire Country came together to talk about helping Konoha. They offer to help pay to restore the village to its former self. The village elders are appreciative. Then Danzo (that jackass with one eye covered in bandages. Also the old guy who helped cause Pain's last and biggest suffering) chips in with them needing to pick a new Hokage. The elders think it's a little sudden, but if one needs to be chosen they suggest Kakashi. Everyone likes this idea. He's smart, very powerful, fairly young (but still older than the 4th was), and he's got all the right relations. By that I mean his dad is well-known and he was trained by the 4th himself. Everyone's cool with this... except Danzo. He chips in that everyone branching away from the 3rd Hokage is responsible for all the destruction that has come upon the village and times have changed. He blames the 3rd and his students and his students' students for everything from Sasuke leaving to Akatsuki forming to Pain attacking to his hair turning white (so it seems). He volunteers to become Hokage and fix everything and restore the Leaf Village and the Fire Country to their previous levels of awesomeness... And with great surprise for all and a wry smile for Danzo, the leader of the Fire Country agrees and appoints Danzo as the next Hokage.
AAAAHHHHH! I can easily see Naruto doing something very dangerous and striking out on his own like Jiraiya did after this. Danzo and he are not going to see eye-to-eye. Being alone puts Naruto at great risk for being captured by Akatsuki. I was excited when I read they were considering Kakashi, since that was kind of what readers have been expecting for awhile now. I mean, what has Danzo even done other than living to be a really old jerk? I worry for the future of Konoha now, which is weird since it's all a fictional universe.