Texting Services: Mosio, The Bored People Online For You

Mosio is a particularly awesome online community, and the reason most people think I'm the go-to guy for random inquiries.
The way Mosio works, everyone has gone online and set up an account on Mosio.com and given them your cell phone number. After that, you send texts to ask@mosio.com, and whatever bored people are online will try to look up the answer to your questions!
Of course there can be downtimes if no one's online. But the situation I found myself in last Sunday is a perfect illustration. A friend and I were trying to remember that actor's name that plays Monk. I could easily cite 15 other things he's been in (Men in Black 1 and 2, 13 Ghosts, 1408, Galaxy Quest, Cars, Paulie, The Siege, etc), but for the life of me I couldn't remember his name. I didn't want to fret on it, because conversation was continuing and we had already switched to a different topic. So I sent the question into Mosio. Less than 20 minutes later, I randomly tell my friend TONY SHALHOUB. It was one of those times we felt retarded for not being able to think of it, but the mystery was now solved.
Of course like every online community, bad apples are destined to cause a few ripples here and there. If you phrase a question poorly you can expect a poor or mocking answer. If you ask a dumb question you can get anything from the dot (people will ignore your question, and to get it out of the top of the 'unanswered questions' list they'll 'answer' it with just a period), to the lecture about proper and polite usage of Mosio.
But you could be the answer to other people's problems too! If you happen to find yourself with some free time, you can login to Mosio and answer other people's random inquiries. They range widely in topics; Tuesday I answered a question about when Forrest Gump came out (1994), Wednesday I found out how many students go to Texas A&M (in 2008 they had 48,039). The potential for randomness is vast!
There's more to Mosio than I use personally. They have some fun things where you can get daily texts about various things, from your horoscope (they're all fake), to random Chuck Norris facts (which are all true). There's also a way if you use IM clients to route new Mosio questions to there. It also has a social aspect in that you can add people to your Qniverse. When they ask questions, you get a text message and can respond with an answer, and vice versa. As of right now I have kept my Qniverse empty (I don't know these people from Adam!). But if anyone commented on this post with your Mosio username, I'd be more than happy to add you and start building up my own Qniverse!