Texting Services: Google SMS

There is so much power behind Google SMS that even I don't make use of it all. I actually had to make QuickNotes in my phone where I wrote all of the available options in one place so I can grab something that's useful at the right time.
What's great about this service is it's typically very fast. The average response time for me (barring being in a dead spot or something) was around 10 seconds. Now other users and myself have had problems with some of the tougher inquiries and seen a rare response time of 10 minutes or so. But trust me, those are few and far between.
If I can think how to do it, I sometimes use this before I'll try sending a question to Mosio. Don't tell them I said that though. Some of the site managers there are very anti-other-texting-services. The trick on those occasions is to know how to format it or what to ask. If I want to know how old a particular person is (say Bob Dole), I'll send a message like "web Bob Dole wikipedia" and get back the first couple lines from his Wikipedia page (Robert Joseph 'Bob' Dole born July 22, 1923). Typically they say people's full name and birth/death date right at the beginning of the page. Now if I had a data plan, this service also provides a pre-formatted page that I can see the results on, and the URL is right there in the text.
There's a way with this service to set your location, at which point you don't have to tell it where you are. If you want to know the weather, you just send "w" to the service and it'll give you your local weather. If you want to know the movies at your local theaters, just send "m" and it'll start sending you titles to choose from.
Another personal example of my using this service was when I went to pick my girlfriend up at the airport. Due to complications with weather, her flight was delayed a total of 5 hours. I looked up her flight number before leaving the house and was able to get updates quickly. It's a one-hour drive to the airport, and thanks to this service I didn't end up sitting there and waiting the whole 5 hours. That saved me on parking money, and from going insane.
Typically I use a price check when shopping, calculator when cooking to convert units, weather reports before I go bike riding and movie listings. I've also been known to get directions, check game scores, and check word definitions.
I've provided the list of things for you, and the link given takes you to the sign-up page. They even have a demo of how it looks on a phone on that page, so you can sit there and test out its accuracy. Note though that any setting for your local area (like my 'm' and 'w' shortcuts above) won't work in this demo because the Google people didn't figure out they could get your location from your IP address when you visited the page.
Happy texting!