Texting Services: Evernote

I don't use this one that often. If I have reminders that aren't time-related, I can send them to Evernote and see them next time I log in there. So like 'research creation of time machine' should not get sent to Google Calendar because I don't want to schedule that type of event.
I've covered Evernote in the past, and I still think it's thoroughly awesome. I access it from the web at work, and have a desktop application on my home computers. As soon as a note is sent or typed into one of the environments, it's immediately available everywhere else. It takes text notes, pictures, and even sound clips. Heck, I've attached documents to it before, and it'll comb thru them to index words.
And that indexing is what makes it so useful for a ton of things. Currently I'm using it as a recipe collector. Now I log into it and type 'chicken', and it shows me every recipe I have that has the word chicken in it. Of course I'd have to be more specific to avoid things like 'chicken broth' or 'chicken bullion'.
So how does texting come into play? Well Evernote provides a unique email address for your account. So if a friend sends you some important news or something you should look into later, forward their message into Evernote for future processing. If you like neat houses and drive by one, snap a pic and send it in with notes or address to Evernote for viewing later. That would've been really smart back when my family was shopping for a new house. We kept getting confused which one was where after looking at so many!
Last time I used this feature was when I was hanging out at the library with a friend. My friend was busy studying school stuff, so I started looking around the library for something interesting to read. Sure enough I ended up in the cookbook section. I grabbed a couple and even located some recipes I wanted to try later. So I took a picture of the page the recipe was on, and in case the detail wasn't good enough I typed the recipe into my phone. I sent that whole thing to Evernote, and it immediately indexed it for me. It's a very handy service to have, and a great place for consolidating notes for any purpose.