Naruto 449: What Is Death Anyway?

Oh. My. Gosh.
This was a HUGE volume. Not as in size, but as in amount of impacting stuff that happened.
The technique Nagato uses brings EVERYONE back to life. As the '7th Pain', he has control over life and death, according to Konan. That big head that was eating people's souls earlier proceeds to spew them all back out. Tsunade's assistant is back to life. The Elder Toad is back to life. And, as we all expected might somehow magically happen, KAKASHI IS BACK TO LIFE!
But I'm getting ahead of myself. Last we saw Kakashi he was talking with his dad around some campfire. We knew they were both dead, so this is some kind of after-life meeting place. Kakashi has finished his life story, and he finally gets to tell his dad he was proud of who he was, and dad extends the same to him. Kakashi's dad says he can finally move on and see Kakashi's mom. Then... BEAM OF LIGHT hits Kakashi. His dad says it looks like his time is not yet up. Then Kakashi's alive again. w00t!
Konan was very surprised to see Nagato using this technique. Beca
use the chakra it needed took his life with it. Yes, the master of life and death has died. Supposedly. Stop trying to reason out how he could restart his own battery. I don't know, and we shall see.
The Great Elder Toad that predicted one of Jiraiya's pupils would be the 'child of prophecy'? He's watching this whole scene through a crystal ball sitting with another old toad. He says it looks like they are the CHILDREN of prophecy, and that Jiraiya writing that book about the gutsy ninja who never gave up really did change the world.
So Konan wraps both Nagato's body and Yahiko's body in a paper coffin. She's taking them with her. But she tells Naruto she's not going back to Akatsuki, and entrusts Naruto with carrying on for Nagato, since Nagato trusted Naruto enough to change. Wow, what an amazing kid Naruto is. She even makes a bouquet of paper flowers for Naruto, which makes him smile. Awww.
Flash to Sasuke. He tells his team they need to get ready to go. Fish-boy asks him if he's all healed up. He says yes.... and they're heading to Konoha! END
That was a ton of stuff. The village has a giant hole in it, Naruto's learned alot about himself and the world, all of the village people that died are back to life, and a super-charged wielder of the Sharingan is on his way to start some crap.
THIS is why I read this manga, people.