Naruto 447: Rinnegan Be Crazy

So last we saw Nagato, he was just about to snap after Yahiko died.
Hanzo orders all the ninjas to kill Nagato. They all throw their knives and shurikens at him. He repels them, exactly like Pain does later on. He then jumps up to grab Konan. Hanzo ducks out of the way, and we see why; he has laid a trap.
As soon as Nagato lands next to Konan, a bunch of those explosive labels come off the ground and start wrapping themselves around his legs. But Nagato jumps clear with Konan just in time. His legs are badly scorched, but he's gotten Konan to safety.
Now all the leaf ninjas try to jump at Nagato. He does a summoning technique which I don't think has been seen before. He calls forth that giant masked... thing. The one that Akatsuki has been using to absorb the energies of all the demon spirits when they extract them from the other people. Well this big guy immediately crushes all the leaf ninjas. Konan yells "Nagato, no, don't!", implying that she knew of this technique and its ferocity before this event.
Hanzo says that Nagato must've been behind this gang the whole time, and that the Rinnegan caught him off-guard. We see Nagato is connected to the giant summons by a bunch of those black chakra pole things. They look like they either sprouted from his back or were inserted there by the summons so he could control it.
So the giant summon lets loose a giant spirit snake out of its mouth, kind of like a tongue in that it doesn't separate from the summon's mouth. This giant snake passes thru all the remaining leaf and rain ninjas. As soon as it touches them, it takes their soul and kills them.
The snake goes after Hanzo, and Hanzo does what's called the "Body Flicker Technique", which has the ability to teleport him short distances. According to another source this technique is fairly common and well-known in the ninja world, but it's new to me.
We see a cloud of dust. You kind of assume Hanzo was gotten by the snake or Hanzo got away, because it seems the fight is over.
Back to the Present: Nagato wraps up his story-time. Naruto now knows about all of Nagato's past pain that made him how he is. So Nagato asks for Naruto's answer about how to bring peace to the world.
Naruto informs Nagato that he still hates him and wants to kill him. Nagato says, "Then let's end this." Naruto pulls Jiraiya's book out of his jacket called 'The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja'. Then Naruto tells Nagato that Pervy Sage believed in him, so he's going to do what he thinks Jiraiya would want him to do. He's not going to kill Nagato. Yay forgiveness!