Naruto 446: Mean People's Names End In -anzo

So Yahiko desired to get stronger so he could protect Nagato and Konan. So they approached Jiraiya after the fight with Hanzo. He agreed to hang around and watch after them.
Then they were attacked by a rogue ninja while Jiraiya wasn't around. Luckily Nagato's hidden powers awoke and helped to kill the guy.
After that, Jiraiya started training them up as ninjas. He believed that because of Nagato's eye technique that he was the Chosen One that the prophecy foretold of. See, a long time ago a monk with the same eye technique as Nagato discovered what chakra was and how it worked. He travelled the world to tell everyone, and what he was spreading as a religion eventually became the way of the ninja. But just as that monk meant the power to be used for keeping peace, Jiraiya believed that Nagato could abolish hatred and bring peace back to the world. Nagato told him he just wanted to be able to protect those he loved.
So by the time Jiraiya left them the three orphan kids had grown up. They started a gang of peace keepers, trying to use as little violence as possible to calm people down. After awhile, Hanzo took notice of this gang of youngins roaming his country. He approached them and talked with Yahiko. He told Yahiko that he was the key to uniting all the surrounding nations in peace again, and set up a meeting between Yahiko and the emissaries of the other countries.
But when Nagato and Yahiko arrived, they found Hanzo, his men, and Konoha's black ops waiting for them. Hanzo and Danzo (who was the leader of Konoha's black ops back in this time) had made a deal, it seems. Danzo wanted Hanzo's help to become Hokage (which he never did), and Hanzo wanted Danzo's help protecting his position. Hanzo had come to believe this gang was a threat to his nation, despite the fact that everything they did seemed to be to the benefit of his nation.
Oh, and as icing on the cake, Hanzo had a knife to Konan's throat. Yes, little origami girl had been captured and her life was now being ransomed. Hanzo threw a knife down to them and told Nagato he wanted him to kill Yahiko, or he (Hanzo) would kill Konan.
Nagato picked it up, but was paralyzed with indecision. He didn't know a way to protect both of his new loved ones. He couldn't kill Yahiko, but to not do it would be to sign Konan's death warrant.
That's when Yahiko grabbed Nagato's wrist and plunged the knife into his own gut. Yahiko believed that Nagato had a special fate, and he also didn't want Konan to die. So he told Nagato to protect her, and then he died.
That was Nagato's second traumatic experience. And Nagato's eyes are already activated to his Rinnegan. So, as the last page implies, I'm guessing that Nagato whoops some serious butt in the next couple volumes. I almost hope they show the fight, because I'd be amazed to see him tear down Hanzo and all those other ninjas up on the hill. I don't think we've ever gotten to see Hanzo fight, and I don't remember anyone saying how he eventually died. Oh! I just looked it up. It does appear that 'Pain', which is really Nagato, kills not only Hanzo but every friend and family member Hanzo has. I'm going to guess it all stems from this situation right here. So there you go.