Well I've written about a lot of the things I can think to write about in the last year. I have a few more ideas storming, but they vary in how much time and research is required to get them out the door.
This week there wasn't a Monday update. Sorry if you've come to expect these. Between the holiday weekend and the recent developments in my personal life (getting engaged, for example), I've found my free time that I use to write on here taken by thoughts of other things.
Anyhow, just wanted to make sure I wasn't leaving everyone in the dark. And if you happened to have any tech-related questions ("What's this Chrome I keep hearing about?"), non-tech topics, or ideas for posts, feel free to share. I have the "Contact Me" link in the sidebar that sends me e-mail, as well as the straight-up method of commenting on this post.
Pleasant web-surfing days to all.