The Goode Family Early Review

I caught most of this show last night. I thought it was hilarious. About time we got something out there that just has fun with the wackiness of the super-environmentalist, modern-age-hippy people running around. I have a mini-version of one of these at work. If I put a can or a piece of paper in the trash can, I'm the devil the rest of the day because I didn't recycle them.

A site I visit on occasion called I Hate The Media posted their top 10 list of favorite quotes from the first episode, along with the above video. I thought the stuff was good enough to share too! Here are the quotes:

1. “We can’t shop there. They don’t even have a mission statement.”

2. Ubuntu: “Sorry I used so much gas, dad.”
Dad: “That’s okay. The important thing is you feel guilty about it.”

3. “Don’t say ‘people of color’ because that’s just ‘colored people’ backwards.”

4. “The View is on. The pretty one is saying crazy stuff again.”

5. On a bumper sticker:
“Support our troops. And their opponents.”

6. Bumper sticker on Goode Family hybrid:
“Earth First - Ask Questions Later”

7. “WWAGD? What would Al Gore do?”

8. “Attention One Earth Shoppers. The owner of the SUV is in aisle 4 wearing a ball cap.”

9. “Your mother accidentally bought two-ply (toilet paper). But don’t worry I fixed it.”

10. Goode: “If you want to have proportionately diverse staff, we need three more minority hires.
Jensen: “Why don’t we just fire three white guys. Everybody wins.”