Steven Crowder: Conservative Video Blogger Extraordinare

I've listened to my fair share of video bloggers on the web. SxePhil had my attention for awhile, but he quickly grew monotonous. As a more conservative individual, I sometimes pondered if there was a voice on the web that I might agree with. Enter Steven Crowder.

This young lad throws web videos on YouTube and sparks all sorts of conversation and controversy. He calls people on their crap, but does it in a very humorous and enlightening way. I particularly love a video he made not too long ago about the Koran. I may have put one of them on my Shared Items page awhile back, but I'll repost a choice few here for your convenience.
He's tackled issues like universal healthcare, PETA, abortion, gun control, torture at Gitmo, and VP Biden's creepiness. He's all over, and generally delightful.
Mostly, you have to admire the hair. It bobs when he moves his head quickly. That's some awesome lift of which I am majorly envious.