Short On New Material

While it's true that my buffer of new material for Mondays has run dry recently, I did take the time today to write up (read that as 'mostly steal') a privacy policy for my site. Turns out that the Ad company I started using not long ago actually requires I have one. And according to some agreement I may or may not have read and then clicked the "I Agree" button for, I have to honor it. So there's now a link in the sidebar. That's to your right =>
For those (one) of you that follow my feed, you already know this. I apologize for the redundancy.
For everyone else, including some nice people in Illinois, thanks for visiting and remember to always browse safely!
**UPDATE**I did have someone request that I find a way to provide room to comment about the stories that I put in my Shared Items box to the right. There's only one thing I can think of, and it's something I've seen on many other people's sites. Basically I'd do a post once or twice a week with all those links and maybe a comment or two from me about each. Then everyone could comment on that post and we could discuss current events and geek news and comic strips and whatever else I shared on there. Do we like this idea? Or would we all just prefer I keep that box with real-time shared stuff and forget about this commenting thing until Google rolls out support for it? Let me know.