Naruto 444: Random Leaf Ninjas Are Meanies

So Naruto finally meets Nagato. Nagato's all cocky like 'hey, from this distance I can control you with my chakra.' He shoots one of his bars at Naruto, and it hits true. Then, when he tries to connect with Naruto he feels the fox looming up. Close-up on Naruto's eyes have the overlap of the eyes he gets when the fox demon chakra overflows and the toad sage eyes. I think they should be called Sage Fox eyes.
Anywho, he doesn't care about the stick. He pulls it out and tells Nagato that he still hates him and wants to kill him. He wants to kill him so bad he's shaking. Naruto remembers all the people that meant so much to him that Nagato killed (Jiraiya and Kakashi, basically). Naruto starts running up to punch Nagato....
And then he stops. He remembers his father and Jiraiya telling him to be the difference. To find real lasting peace. So he asks Nagato what made him the way he is.
Nagato tells him there are two sources for his pain, and the first one is his parents' death happening right before his eyes.
Basically his village was stuck in the middle of the war Konoha was having back in the day with someone else. These two miscellaneous leaf ninjas break into his family's home and start eating their food. Nagato and his family are all hiding in the a dark corner. Well the ninjas finish their food and look outside, and Nagato's parents decide to try to sneak by them. Well someone knocks something over and it startles the ninjas. Nagato's dad attacks them hoping his family can escape while he distracts. In the darkness and shadows, all the leaf ninjas see is people coming at them and assume it's their enemies. So they kill both of Nagato's parents right there. They were very apologetic afterwards, but Nagato's pain and new-found hatred for Konoha made his eye technique burst forth.
And that's all we get. I almost miss the simplicity of Naruto's younger days. Bad guys attacked people, he and the other good guy leaf ninjas showed up to save the day. Now we have to find out about this dark underbelly where Konoha is ignoring the plight of other nations and bad guys are given a chance to explain the hardships of their lives and their feelings for 5 volumes. Bah! If I wasn't so invested in the story, I'd almost consider giving it up out of the continued frustration of waiting for another installment.