Naruto 442: Here's Your Answer

Hinata is being healed by Sakura. Lots of pretty color photos of the old friends. Even the one big shot I share with you here, showing the kids from Team Kakashi, then and now, as well as the Pain/Nagato/Konan's then and now pics. Very pretty.
Anywho, Rock Lee wants to back Naruto up. The slug tells him he shouldn't, he'll just get in Naruto's way.
So Pain stopped Naruto's attack, but it was really a clone made to look like the attack. So the spinning death vortex is still flying at Pain. Suddenly 2 rocks to either side of Pain pop out as Naruto clones! They try to grab Pain's legs to hold him in place. Unfortunately Pain catches up fast. He pins them both down with more of his swords, then holds himself up between his swords. So the vortex of death goes right under him, chops his swords, and blows up some rock, causing a big dust cloud.
So the seconds are still counting down before Pain can use his repulsion attack again. As the dust settles, all the rocks around Pain pop out and become clones and the actual Naruto jumps up to lead them to all simultaneously attack Pain. And JUST as he's about to punch Pain, the timer runs out and Pain repels them all.
But wait! Naruto figured on that too. All the clones brace themselves behind Naruto and hold him there. It's a strain on him to be held in place and so forcefully pushed away, but even Pain is thinking "with 5 seconds before I can do that again and him being this close, he can totally hit me". Pain yells something at Naruto about giving up unless he has 'the Answer'. Naruto has a moment remembering everyone telling him that he could find his own answer. So he forms a Rasengan and plunges it into Pain's gut. END.
Apparently his answer was to use the attack Jiraiya taught him against the enemy Jiraiya helped train. So :P