Hero of the Month: Miss California Carrie Prejean

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This young lady had the moral fortitude to honestly answer a tough question knowing that it wasn't what the judges wanted to hear. Since her unpopular comment this weekend, she has been called all manner of names. One judge who is openly gay has called her a 'dumb B'. Another judge has stated that she would have been better off if she just lied and placated the judge's viewpoints. Her faith is likely what cost her first place at the pageant.
What's particularly disgraceful is not only the "tolerant" people tearing her apart for not agreeing with them, but the "Hollywood Christians" spouting the God Is Love message. If you folks had ever cracked a Bible, you might have noticed that God does call us to love His creation, including all other people. But after He says that, He also commands us to call out sin when we see it and not falsely discern the Word of God. God even went so far as to say that homosexuality is an "abomination". He certainly doesn't sugar-coat it, and neither should His followers.
Keep the faith and strength that God has graced you with, Carrie Prejean. Remember, they do not hate and rebel against you; all their hateful words and feelings are truly directed at the God whom you serve.

**UPDATE** Even if they find out Carrie's not a good person, it doesn't remove the fact that she was bullied for the faith she claimed. Looks like Steven Crowder played it safer on this one by focusing solely on the bullying than I did. He went so far as to say that "Hollywood Christian" is equal to "doesn't do heavy drugs when they're offered". You go, boy!