The Best WebComic Yet: Order of the Stick

So I was perusing my Google Reader feeds the other day. Seriously folks, I get 100's of updates every single day. I went on vacation once for 4 days and came back to have a little over 1,000 different things waiting for me.
But anyway, there was a very interesting post about web comics based on video games. So I actually went to the site and am reading through their descriptions for all these different comics. Some of them sound interesting, so I bookmark them to give them a demo. Some of them I could tell were right up my alley so I went to their sites and signed up to add them to Google Reader.
Order of the Stick didn't make the writer's list of game-based webcomics. But what attracted me to it was that the comments on the post mentioned it over and over again. An underground phenomenon... I gotta check it out.
So I read the newest ones first, and they looked interesting enough. But the newest one was number 640. So it seemed like a good idea to go back to the beginning...And I breezed through the earlier ones in about 5 days. I couldn't get enough of this series. I was reading during breaks at work (yes, it got through the firewall... somehow), I was reading when I got home. The toughest thing was remembering what number I was on as I went from work to home and home to work.
It wasn't until I was somewhere in the 400's of comics that I thought, 'hey, maybe some of my readers have the spare time and would be interested in this same cast of characters.' I grabbed a few snapshots, and I hope since this is a post telling others to go to his site, the artist doesn't get upset I copied his work.
The basic premise of the story: a band of characters IN A TYPICAL GAME are questing together. They all have different personalities and classes. Roy is the leader, and he is a warrior. Think big sword, but somehow still a sound leader. Then there's Vaarsuvius, the gender-neutral elf. He's a magician, and a pretty good one too. There's Durkon who is a dwarf paladin healer. They give him grief all the time because his armor makes so much noise when they're trying to sneak around. Oh, and he's scared of trees. Like they're out to get him. Elan is a bard, which sounds like and is a relatively useless skill. Somehow they claim he boosts the others' efforts by singing positively about whatever they're doing. Basically he's like the retarded comedy relief. Elan's human, like Roy and Haley. I didn't mention Haley yet? She's a thief class and she uses a bow to sneak attack and strike from a distance. And she LOVES gold.Last and only least in size is Belkar. He is by far my favorite character. He's a halfling (think hobbit) with furry feet and two small daggers to fight with. He's a rogue class, and he's a little crazy. The rest of the team isn't sure whether he's good or evil. He seems terribly self-serving, and what serves him best is to kill any weird creatures they meet and boost his XP.
What's cool about them basing this strip on a game is they randomly break into gamer lingo. I'm guessing it's not so much a video game this one is based on as it is a board game like Dungeons & Dragons. They talk about rolling their dice and they get saves or hits or whatever. Even I don't necessarily get all the references, having never played D&D before. But they're not a big distraction, and the storyline is still hilarious without it.
I will warn whoever does start reading this comic: it can eat up a fair bit of time getting into this series. That is until you catch up to the new ones. I think the artist puts out new ones about twice a week. He's maintaining another series called Erfworld that I just started reading and don't think I'll like as much.
Also, it might just be my computers, but some of the links on the site don't work quickly. I actually got in the habit of clicking the link over and over until the page changed.
I assure you, if you have the time and know anything about gaming (that includes you WoW fans), you will get a real kick out of this series. Pleasant webcomic reading to all.
Link to first comic 
**UPDATE** Pics were removed after I perused the artist's site and saw a question in his FAQ about people stealing his original work. In concern that my tribute wasn't enough to warrant grabbing a couple punch lines, I removed them and replaced them with approved icons and banners the artist provides for people to pimp his site with. Seriously, if you follow the link provided and read the strip, you'll like it. Why get a free demo here when the whole thing is freely available there??