Retard Highlight: Nancy Pelosi

My comments are based on this article.
Nancy's currently on a tour with another speaker informing illegal immigrants that ENFORCING U.S. LAWS IS UN-AMERICAN. Umm, hello! The purpose of the government is to enforce its laws for the betterment of society. Congrats, you just told a room full of people that you're useless.
What's that Nancy? You expect in the near future now that your party's in complete control that those laws you don't like will change? Good. Fine. But until such time, don't insult federal employees for doing their jobs.
Her real point she and the people she's traveling with are trying to make is that it's a detriment to the family unit when ICE breaks into work-sites and homes to catch CRIMINALS and deport them back to their nation of origin. Based on what I'm sure is her liberal stance on homosexuals being granted marriage licenses, she's already torn apart the classic concept of the family unit. Also, is this supposed to imply that law enforcement should only punish single people? No child in this nation has been left to starve to death after their parents were returned to their home countries, I'm quite positive. Anyone, including these ICE officials Pelosi just bashed, can see that the child is innocent and its only crime is being born into a family with an outlaw. So I'm sure they assure that these children, many of whom are U.S. citizens themselves because they were born on our soil (another dumb rule in my opinion), are going to be taken care of by relatives or their other parent. In fact I think I've heard stories of them granting reprieve to single parents of U.S. citizen kids to stay here if they are the sole means of support for their kid.
Sorry to rant, but I'm short on sleep and this news story just really grinded my gears.