Naruto 439: Guess Who's Back... It's The 4th Hokage!!!!!

Wow this issue has a lot of stuff going on. Let's do this!
So the attack Pain unleashed on demon-Naruto was pretty much a baby black hole. He launched a black energy ball into the air, and it proceeded to suck up a ton of dirt and make a big crater. Along with that dirt it pulled demon-Naruto into it.
Meanwhile, Konan's telling Nagato he shouldn't have used that technique and pushed himself so hard. It did physically hurt Nagato some to use it. Nagato responded with the ninja world's version of 'shut up, woman' (yes, rude). So we see Naruto inside his consciousness (like we have in the past). He is still rolling that question Pain asked him over in his mind. He doesn't know what he would do in Pain's shoes, and it's eating him up apparently. So we see the big gates that the demon fox is sealed behind in Naruto's consciousness. He tells Naruto he has an answer and he can fix everything if Naruto just lets him out. Naruto's shirt flies open and we see the seal that holds back the fox.... only he seems to be bleeding from it....
Yamato's still running back. He looks at his hand and sees an 8! Holy carp! 
Nagato says he was justified in using this technique. After all, it is the fox demon. You can't take chances with something like that. Just then, a more formed demon-Naruto pops out of his earth-covered black hole ball floating above the earth. The demon now has muscle and 8 tails. He just lacks skin.
The demon in Naruto's consciousness tells him all he has to do is pull the last seal off the doors that hold him back. Naruto walks over and peals one of the corners off.Yamato looks at his hand and sees 9. He knows he might be far too late.
Just then, the 4th Hokage pops out of nowhere and grabs Naruto and pulls him away from removing the seal! The demon fox says, "You!" The 4th replies along the lines of, "Yes, it's me. The seal was set that if 8 tails were released I would appear in Naruto's consciousness. I was hoping to never have to see you again, demon. But I guess I get to catch up on how my son's been doing, so you could call it even." END.
Wow. So Naruto's finally going to get to hear it straight from his dad why the village hated him for all those years and why he was chosen to seal away the demon in. I could see if it wasn't explained well Naruto becoming angry and joining Sasuke on a mission to destroy Konoha. But knowing Naruto, he'll get a good enough explanation and be all the more driven to match his father's accomplishments.
Here's a list of all the things conceptually still going on elsewhere: some people might be running to the original fight location to rescue and heal Hinata. Some others might be running into the hills to find Nagato. Yamato and his team are likely all running back to the village. Guy and his team should be getting very close to the battle toads, all of whom are still lying around beaten up. The female elder toad is likely still unconscious.
What I wonder is: what are all the other members of Akatsuki doing right now? Is Sasuke mumbling in his sleep about killing everyone? Is Tobi cleaning his face since it must get awfully stuffy under that mask? Is that team of ninjas from Killer Bee's village going to surface sometime soon? What's Tsunade up to, other than probably looking old since she had to break the diamond chakra seal of energy on her forehead?
And my big unanswered question: was the demon going to be let loose when Naruto died? Or would it die with Naruto?