My Wishlist

I just ordered a bike. And because I'm among the balance-challenged in the world (also one of the reasons I don't dance), the bike has 2 wheels in the back for extra stability.....
So yes, I'm going to be the guy rolling down to the grocery store on his Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle. It's even got a fold-down basket in the back for extra transportation power. w00t!
But that's not what this post is about. This is about something I haven't gotten yet but have wanted since before Christmas. LOTS OF EXTERNAL STORAGE. I'm talking terabytes people.
Brief note: for the technologically challenged, a terabyte is 1,024 gigabytes. If you don't know what a gigabyte is, heaven help you.
Well I found one within my price range. has a 1tb external drive for less than $100. But they change their prices now and then.... Curse my strict budget that requires such rigorous savings, or I'd already have it on order. Maybe next month after the bike's paid off.....
And to my next point: don't smoke crack. No wait, that's not it.
Oh yeah: save money when you can. I live in the midwest (truth), and we seem to have as many rainy days as we do sunny (both truthfully and figuratively speaking.... think about it).
To all (3) of you that read this, what's on your wishlist? If you closed your eyes now and found yourself in a room full of things you want (not need, but WANT) and could choose one thing, what would it be? Let me know in the comments. Also a tougher question for you would be, what saving plan do you have in place to make your big WANT a reality?