Naruto 437: Alas, True Love!!!

Anywho, Nagato's still lecturing Naruto through head Pain about how the world will never all see eye to eye. This upsets Naruto, because Jiraiya told him one day they would.
Then the female Elder Toad tells Naruto he's the chosen one destined to s
ave the world. And predictably, head Pain repels her and knocks her out. He then turns Naruto into a human pincushion. He says he didn't hit any vital parts, just pinned Naruto down with a couple swords. 
The peanut gallery is breaking up into groups to go looking for Nagato in the forest. Shikamaru will not be joining them because of his bad leg.
And the forgotten party on their way to help! Guy's team is heading back from a mission. Neji just caught site of one of the battle toads, so they're getting very close.
And then.... Hinata flies in to the rescue! It was totally unexpected. Pain dodged the attack, and Naruto told her to get out of there because she couldn't possibly take him. 
She said she knows. She then admits finally to Naruto that he's been a motivation to her all these years and that she loves him and would be honored to die to protect him.
She attacks head Pain with an attack no one's seen before called Juho Soshiken, which translates roughly to Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists. Basically she formed 2 balls of chakra shaped like lion's heads around her fists and was about to thrust them at Pain. But he repelled her. She 
looks like she's unconscious. There may be blood.
And Naruto SNAPS. That's right, the chakra of the 9-tailed beast within him has broken free. It's never done it this fast or this powerful before. 6 of the 9 tails are visible, and it actually has a skeleton formed around the chakra beast. I guess Naruto doesn't take kindly to others sacrificing themselves for him.
Pain still says his hate is stronger than what Naruto currently feels towards him. END.
Personally, I hope Hinata's all right and Naruto opens a can on this guy. He's starting to get on my nerves too. And hopefully Team Guy will know how to push the beast back in to Naruto.
Speaking of which, where's that wood ninja guy that stood in for Kakashi for awhile? I know he had the power to control Naruto's spirit chakra. Where's he been at this whole time?