Naruto 436: It's Really Nagato!!

The peanut gallery figured out that the true Pain must be somewhere high up to broadcast his chakra. And he must be nearby, otherwise the cost of transmitting to those receiving it would be all the higher. So they're off in search of him.
Meanwhile, head Pain still has Naruto pinned and explains his tragic motivations. He comes from a small land that was smack-dab in the middle of the big warring nations. Consequently this meant that the big nations would war in his country, tear it to pieces, then go back to their undamaged homes and have peace while his people rebuilt their houses AGAIN. Naruto does actually start to feel a little sorry for him. He recalls Jiraiya echoing some sentiment that head Pain is projecting. Something about hatred growing in the world, and Jiraiya entrusting Naruto to find a way to bring peace to all the people. So Naruto's unsure what he would do if he was in the position of Pain, but he still doesn't like his "scare everyone into a peaceful submission by blowing crap up" thing. At least Pain realizes that even this technique won't create a lasting peace, but he still thinks it will create a greater series of peace times.
Let's see, what else? Umm... the power of the tailed demons combined will be strong enough to blow up an entire nation in one stroke. And oh yeah, they showed Nagato! He's in this big machine thing that has his hands pinned. Konan (the origami girl) is up on the hill with him. He coughs and she tells him to take it easy considering all the chakra he's put out. He's actually coughing a little blood from the effort. He actually looks pretty frail and weak. But considering his capacity for chakra levels, I'm okay with that.
I don't have a lot of comments this time. Well, just one. You know we haven't seen in quite some time? Like even longer than Sasuke? Zetsu. I miss that strange plant dude that talked to himself. Hope he pops up to warn Konan and Nagato that the peanut gallery is on the way to their location.