Naruto 435: Roller Coaster Fight

I mean the name of this post in the sense that things go good, then bad, then good, then bad. It's tough to keep up with all of it.
Naruto did NOT pass out entirely. Instead, he slumped because he couldn't move with fat Pain holding him. So he thought about it, and figured if he can't move he might as well gather sage energy.
GOOD: fat Pain's draining off his energy as he gathers it. But fat Pain doesn't know how to handle the energy properly, and turns into a toad statue! Naruto snaps off the stone arms. Just as he gets free....
BAD: We see the Elder Toads have been gathering sage energy in preparation for launching their genjutsu against head Pain. But Pain saw what they were doing, pulls the male Elder Toad to him, and stabs him. Naruto didn't have the strength to jump in the way or anything in time. Female Elder Toad starts crying. The giant fighting toads are still lying all over complaining of broken bones. Naruto goes to punch head Pain. Pain pushes the dead toad into Naruto, then attracts Naruto back and choke-slams him into the ground. Then the peanut gallery brings us...
GOOD: Inoichi (Ino's dad, I'm guessing) is telling Shikamaru and his dad and Ino that they need to gather clues about Pain from other people and try to find his true body. He has some kind of revelation about picking up bodies or moving bodies and how to find the true Pain. And then....
BAD: Pain puts one of Naruto's hands on top of the other, then stabs them thru the middle. He doesn't see a reason that he can't chat with Naruto about who he is and why he's doing what he's doing. But of course, that's for the next volume.
I don't get this. No one in the village thought "Hey, Naruto is fighting for all of us. Why don't we at least watch how the fight's going and provide aid if he looks like he's going to get killed or taken?" Ungrateful.
And why is head Pain talking to Naruto? Last we knew, he plans to kill him by ripping his kyuubi out. The bad guys do this in every movie: they figure they're in control and can gloat. Then the good guy escapes, shares the info with someone else, and then they all go back and whoop bad guy's butt. Don't get me wrong. I like listening to their motivations. Audiences appreciate the light being shed on the entire situation.
First thing next volume, I think Naruto should listen intently to head Pain's story, all the while absorbing sage energy. Or maybe female Elder Toad will snap out of the shock and summon the other energy-filled Naruto clone.
We shall see..... Later!