Naruto 434: Head Pain Causes The Worst Headache...

This issue is packed full of Naruto goodness. So let's get straight to it.
Naruto just killed R-Pain, and that clone was about to jump at head Pain. At the same time, the real Naruto was punching fat Pain mercilessly. So head Pain, being the uber-evil awesome that he is, repelled both Narutos simultaneously. So the clone that just killed R-Pain disappeared, and the real Naruto went rolling back towards the Elder Toads.
When he gets up, the female Elder Toad asks him why he didn't make more clones to gather sage energy, and why he doesn't make more clones in this fight. He and the male Elder Toad explain to her that the clones concentrating on building sage chakra are working so hard that he would mess them up if he made more than 3 clones on the battlefield. And 2 is the most clones he could make to gather sage energy without depriving him of the clone ability all-together.
In an effort to distract while this conversation goes on, the 3 giant fighting toads pounce on head Pain and try to stab him. He jumps in the nick of time to land on one of their shoulders, then does a super-repel of all 3 of the giant toads simultaneously.
It is from this noise that the peanut gallery starts chatting again. Kiba comments that they'll just have to trust Naruto to fight them off himself. Hinata (I LOVE this girl, by the way) starts to run off before she's stopped and told that she'd only be a distraction. She falls to her knees in sympathy for poor Naruto fighting by himself.
And just in time for sympathy too! Head Pain lands and fat Pain gets up. Head Pain draws Naruto over to them, where fat Pain grabs Naruto from behind and pins his arms.
Easily escapable situation with all that sage energy Naruto's got, right? ERR, wrong answer. While head Pain informs Naruto that he's not going to kill him (because after all, he needs that nine-tailed beast that's inside him), fat Pain is actually draining Naruto's energy out of him. This I guess is a physical contact form of what that fat Sound Ninja guy that battled Butterfly-Choji back in the day. So the volume ends with Naruto going unconscious in the middle of the 2 Pains.
Of course, my musings are entirely personal speculation. But Naruto has one more sage-clone left. My hope would be the Elder Toads summoning him, and the sudden influx of energy awakens Naruto in time to escape, kill fat Pain, and convince head Pain that he should scamper off before his bell gets rang too. After all, with all this time building the diabolical and ever-present genius that is Pain, he can't just completely die here and now.
Then again, it's been speculated numerous times that even head Pain is just a puppet being controlled by the real guy with the cool eye technique. So all these bodies could be killed as long as that secret figure still escapes.
And what the heck have Sasuke and Tobi been up to this whole time?