My Favorite Movies! Number ONE

#1: The Usual Suspects
Here's the tough thing about writing a review for my favorite movie: by telling you what I like about it, I'll ruin it.
Kevin Spacey's awesome. I can say that much with confidence. As the man telling the majority of the story, he's got skills. Poor little gimpy fellow.
Okay, okay, let's go over the plot. The movie starts with the present, and the majority of it is a story leading up to the present circumstance. In the present, a boat caught on fire with a bunch of dead people on board and "Verbal" Kint (Spacey) is the only witness around to talk about what happened. He's gotten immunity for turning state's evidence, but this one cop still has a lot of questions for him.
*FLASHBACK STORY BEGINS* The cops have some case they're having problems finding the perps. So instead of really trying to look, they call in some of the big names in this realm of crime that were out on the streets. They don't really think any of these guys did the crime; they're really hoping one of them knows who did and they can pressure them into telling. Hence the name of the film. This line of fellows include the man Spacey, Gabriel Byrne, a real Baldwin brother, Benicio del Toro, and Kevin Pollak. Don't worry if some of these names are unfamiliar. Chances are you've seen these guys in one movie or another, and their face will be familiar to you. Heck, it's on the box cover for the movie.
As Spacey explains, it's a bad idea to put that many good criminals in a room together. Byrne's character was trying to go legit by opening a restaurant, but with the cops showing up during his business proposal that idea is entirely shot. So he's out for revenge, sort of. It's an emotional thing for him, because he's dating an attractive woman from the DA's office.
And that's all I'm saying. There is of course language. What kind of over-classy criminals go around without swearing? This isn't an Ocean's Increasing Number movie.
This is a bit of a long clip from the movie, but hey, it's number one for a reason. Enjoy.