Inkheart: That Feel-Good Movie Everyone Figured Was Kiddish

Went to see this one last weekend. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with how great a story this movie has. No women running around in immodest clothing. No language issues. They genuinely tried to keep this as an awesome movie for kids, and by proxy the whole family.
I was also liking the cast on this one. I knew Brendan Fraser was in it. I'd seen a poster and deduced the bad guy was the guy that played Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies. But they snuck in a couple awesome people on me. Sienna Guillory pops up later in the story. Yes, I looked her name up. But I knew I'd seen her face before. She was in the second Resident Evil movie as Jill Valentine. And in more recent times, she was Arya in the Eragon movie adaptation. Despite my reservations about the Eragon movie (tore the book to senseless shreds), she's still quite pretty.Paul Bettany also turned up in a rather prominent role. Again a name I had to look up, but this guy played Geoffrey Chaucer in A Knight's Tale. He was also in The Da Vinci Code (still haven't watched it), Firewall, Wimbledon, A Beautiful Mind, and Master and Commander. I really should have recognized his name by now. Oh, and a little known but fun fact: he also voices Jarvis, which is the name of the computer in Iron Man's house! Yes, he returned as a voice for the upcoming sequel.
Anywho, on to the plot! We have to give away some of the movie suspense and details to hook you. But there's still plenty to enjoy. Turns out there are people who can speak books into existence. They're called Silvertongues, and whenever they read a book aloud, those things of which they read get pulled out of the book into the real world! That was all about the plot I knew when I went to the theaters. Here's a few extra details. The movie starts with Brendan reading Little Red Riding Hood to his baby daughter with his wife in the room. Then it flashes 12 years in the future, with Brendan and his daughter (where'd Mom go?) traveling to rare book stores. Brendan is a book fixer (I don't remember the word for this), and while at one store he starts to hear voices. These voices are actually coming from the books around him, and they lead him to a book he has quite a history with called Inkheart.
And that is all I'm sharing. A marvelous tale with an ending I'd love to discuss after someone else sees it, Inkheart has action and suspense. It's also a delight for any book-ophiles out there who remember all those childhood fairy tales.
Pleasant movie going days to all.