Obama puts the Axe to Gitmo

Closing Guantanamo Bay will happen one year from now and yet there is no place for 200+ military detainees. Thank you again Obama! You have made all of our lives safer and more comfortable by protecting the “Rights” of Terrorists who would rather kill you than shake your hand. You people that want these men released are cut form the same fabric as the people who lost us the Vietnam War. It is my opinion that people lose all their rights the moment that they decided that it is there goal to kill innocent men women and children. I believe that people have already forgotten the bombing of the Twin Towers. These people that are in lock up would love to do nothing more than repeat that act of terrorism. Obama wants to move these men into the States into our back yards. Our maximum security prisons are already to full since most states have eliminated the only effective way to keep people out of jail, the death penalty. I think that we should hand over all of these prisoners to be tried and convicted in Iraq. They would get a one day trial and then a massive firing squad. Why would anyone think that it is a good idea to try Military Prisoners in a civil court where classified information must be presented and thus putting the American people in more danger? The military does not have to get a search warrant to raid a house in Iraq or Afghanistan so why would we put the same court restrictions on them. We are not talking about US citizens. These men do not have the same rights as a US citizen so why are we giving it to them?

People are saying that it is inhuman to perform any type of torturous act on these detainees or on any other military prisoner, but the people that we are fighting against do not follow the same set of rules. NO that does not mean that we need to lower ourselves to their level a start strapping bombs to our children, and sending them into crowds, and then detonating the bombs. It does, however, mean that when you are not dealing with a country that you can conquer, remove the government, and then fix the problem you must employ different tactics. We are not fighting against soldiers in marked uniforms we are fighting against men and women and who are walking around like everyone else and then pull a gun shot our soldiers. These people build bombs in their own houses where their children are sleeping and then cry murder when their children are killed because their house was raided or bombed. Torture must, I repeat must, be allowed to be used as a tactic in order to minimize the collateral damage that comes about because of the type of people that we are fighting against. I repeat my statement that I made earlier people forfeit their rights when they allow weapons into their home and decided that they will become unmarked military combatants. During previous wars such as, the American Revolution, WWI and WWII, unmarked combatants were considered as spies or traitors and were executed. Period!! We as Americans have become soft and thus we are paying for it with our lives and the lives of our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. We are the ones to blame.