Note to Whiney Soldiers: Get Out

Story here about an atheist soldier suing the Service

Alright, what the heck? I know the military is a big melting pot, just like any group or organization. I thought we'd hit the limit when we had 'conscientious objectors' popping up all over the place. You mean you didn't know you could be deployed to a war zone if you joined the military? How does this come as a surprise. It's kind of the whole reason WE HAVE a military! But to make matters a little more annoying, we've got this guy whining about how the military doesn't take religious complaints seriously enough. Boo-fricking-hoo.
Let me break it down for you: the Department of Defense has had 50 or so complaints of religious discrimination on record in the last 3 years. There are 1.4 MILLION people in the Armed Forces. I take these numbers directly from the article in question. Let's assume that each of these 50 complaints were filed by 50 separate people. So for those of us who are mathematically inclined, that works out to less than 4/1,000ths of a percent! That's so ridiculously minuscule that it would make sense that the military isn't really worried about it. It implies it's not a frequent and widespread thing. Now I don't doubt that during his time in the military someone has prayed around him. Heck, I think a couple of the services actually have an official prayer someone reads during special occasions. But the one I heard personally recited never mentioned Jesus. You know what that means? It applies to any god. So if we're talking about the same prayer, there's nothing inherently Christian in that. Also his lawsuit details a situation where a chaplain and another soldier were attempting to share the gospel with Iraq and Afghanistan people, and they even expressed the OUTRAGEOUS desire to hand out Bibles! Oh my gosh! Really? Why are you hanging out with a chaplain if you don't believe in God? And why would you get mad at him for doing exactly what, as a good Christian, he's supposed to be doing? That's about as dumb as me driving to my local seminary and complaining cuz I'm surrounded by all these wanna-be pastors and smart Biblical folk. My only conclusion can be that the atheist has his underwear tied in a knot. It must be very tough to go through life believing an indefensible position. Let me lay some logic and terminology on you. Agnosticism is an acknowledgement that the individual does not know if there is a god. This viewpoint makes sense to some degree. Having never seen a god, that could be an easy pitfall for some individuals. But atheism takes it to an impossible step. Atheism is directly saying 'there is no god'. Now how can you know that? The only way to correctly assert a negative statement as a universal truth would be if the guy was all-knowing. In his knowing of everything that ever was, is, will be, or could have been, he could then assert matter-of-factly that there is no god. But in becoming all-knowing, he himself would become god. You see a trend here? It is the peak of the mountain of egocentricity to claim 'there is no god' as a universal truth.
So in the words of the Easter Island statue in Night at the Museum, 
**UPDATE** After doing a touch of research I found that the oath of enlistment this yahoo recited ends with the words 'so help me God.' Isn't that kind of a hint? And that should've been his first objection, and he should've made it by NOT saying it. By saying part of an oath he doesn't agree with, that makes him a liar.