Naruto 432: Swirling Vortex of Death

Naruto... is... awesome. Seriously, he needs the hamster from the Bolt movies following him around to remind him of that.
A couple issues back, Naruto had come up with an awesome skill that it was advised he never use. He made a big chakra shuriken that tore his enemies into shreds, but also had the same painful effect on his own arm.Well despite the Elder Toads never seeing it, apparently while working on the sage techniques with them he was also trying to take that technique even further. He makes a similar shuriken, but this one he can THROW. Wow. Throwing a shuriken. What a marvelous idea. I wonder if smart little Naruto came up with that one all by himself? oh, and to make it less cumbersome if he misses, it also EXPANDS. So when he threw it at the Pains and they all tried to jump out of the way, it expanded on them and chopped one of them in half! I say w00t here, because that's another Pain down.
So the summoner Pain jumps into action again, calling forth the dog summons that immediately attack the giant toads. Naruto is drained of most of his sage energy from creating his chakra shuriken, but figures he should at least focus on taking out one more Pain before that energy is depleted. So a giant toad nearby blows a smokescreen, then grabs Naruto and summoner-Pain into its mouth. This is smart because apparently Naruto can see but Pain can't, and none of the other Pains can help. Naruto unleashes a double Rasengan on the Pain, which apparently kills him/her. I know that one of the Pains is a girl. Just can't tell for sure by the pics if it's this one or another one. That's 2 Pains down in the same issue. You go, boy!
So the toad spits them back out, and the head Pain comments that it looks like Naruto is out of his sage energy.
Oh, as for conversational distractions (what would any anime/manga be without them!), before Naruto threw the swirling vortex of death, head Pain was telling him they both studied under the same master in Jiraiya and that Naruto didn't understand peace and should just die quietly.
Then later, Shikamaru (lazy guy, for those of us still using names based on leading traits) complains to his dad about not being able to help Naruto because of his broken leg. He even asks why Naruto's acting all cool and trying to fight alone. His dad calmly informs him that 'if Naruto has mastered the sage techniques, he is on a whole new level and we would just be a distraction if we tried to help him. The best form of teamwork is to stay out of the way and let him do his thing.' Yay smart and correct fatherly advice!