Naruto 431: Singing Frogs and Giant Summons


Oh this was a great little issue, but it seems like it's just between what I hope is even more action.

Naruto told someone to get the Hokage and everyone else out of the area, so he didn't have to worry about protecting them. The front cover said what I guessed; Pain is drained of a lot of his energy. Which explains the "let's stand around and see what this kid can do to us" thing they've got going on right now. 

So one of the Pains is a summoner. Of REALLY big creatures. Like on the level of Orochimaru's snake, and maybe near a match for the humongous toads one-on-one. But let's not worry about approaching that direction. Instead, Sage Naruto and toads will gang up and destroy these things quickly! So Naruto catches this rhino's horn and tosses him in the air. Then Pain-summoner calls forth 2 more gigantic beasts. Naruto does Multi-Shadow Clone, tosses those 2 up in the air, then makes 2 humongous Rasengans to tear up their insides.

08That's when the toads help out. The elder little toads attack the summons with their singing voices (singing frogs... just like Meet The Robinsons!). Then the giant but younger toads jump in the air, pull out some big ol' swords and turn all 3 summons into pulled pork. Yum.

Naruto is told by the slug-summon that helps Tsunade that his normal ninja techniques won't work against Pain. So he decides to stick with the Sage techniques and attack them head on. Of course, one lone Pain runs out to meet him. I can't really tell them the Pains apart all the time, but I think this one specializes in Taijutsu techniques. So he runs out so they can do that cool "punch at each other's face simultaneously" thing. They both miss, but the strength of Naruto's punch still buckles the guy's neck over. So that's 2 Pains down, for those keeping track. And Naruto has decided to end it quickly (heaven forbid we draw out a really awesome fight for too long!) by whipping out a new super-powerful Sage technique he's learned.

You go, boy! END