Facebook Helping the Itailian Mafia Stay Connected.

Go ahead read the title again I know it is surprising, but in Rome and possibly other parts of the world it is true. And why wouldn’t they? Think about it is perfect, now you can use your normal yahoo or google email address a fake name join private groups, send private messages and all under the allusion that you are a college or high school student. These very things have the Italian police force working over time to monitor facebook groups with names that include Mafia language. One particular group is devoted to convicted Mobsters, and all the members clam to be fans of the mobsters. My question is this, I know that criminals are not the smartest people, why would a mobster trying to keep in contact with other mobsters make a group that has anything to do with the mob. Make a group and call it the “Daisy Pickers” or something stupid like that. I am not the smartest guy but I think that I could figure out that it is not a good idea to plan crime using a group name like Mob Fans Unite or Mafiosi. Another thing that I found interesting is that various governments are calling for facebook to close down sites dedicated to the Mob. Why? If these people are mobsters they are letting you watch them and if their not then who cares? Are they going to shut down groups dedicated to "The Godfather" which is a movie or other various movie titles. Shoot I am a member in a group dedicated to "The Godfather" maybe I am being watched! Sorry for the sarcasm but I think that shutting down the groups is silly. Yes I said Silly!