Wakoopa Update

Believe it or not, it was a whole month ago that most everyone glanced over this post about Wakoopa. As a reminder, Wakoopa was the tracking application that could help you keep track of what you're spending your time on when it comes to the computer.
Well since that post, they've come out with a cute little update I felt like sharing: ranking!
With their ranking system, the more you participate by getting other people to use Wakoopa, writing reviews for desktop and web applications, putting the widget on your blog, and doing other activities gets you points and determines your level. The picture above is my level, which is Devotee. I hope to one day be special enough to make Overlord level, if only because it sounds cool.
My luck though: by the time I reach Overlord, so many people will be there that they'll invent new levels of difficulty, just like Scientology!
To see all the funny pics currently used for 'reputation', click here.
Pleasant days to all.