The Top 5 Favorite Posts of the Loyalest Fans

Yes, you're correct. Loyalest is not a word. But a cool word should be invented to show appreciation to my more dedicated readers and commenters.
This post has been planned since I reached my 100th published post a little while back. But it's tough to consider that 100 posts; at least a few of those early ones were just me saying things like "sorry I don't write more". That definitely shouldn't count.
But I figured a look back at some of the goodies does a couple things. For new readers, it gives them a list of interesting stuff to read quickly. For the loyal readers asked, it gives them a sense of connectivity to a page they frequent on the web already. And for me, it provides feedback as to what my current audience enjoys reading about. Is it my technical posts that are best loved? Or the ones where I rant about whatever topic is on my mind? Do people enjoy the funny pictures or are they looked at as just filler space for the substantive material?
Below is the 'name' of 3 loyal commenters and their respective top 5 posts. Gratitude is given to the time and energy spent combing my blog's archives by these dedicated individuals.