Summary of Naruto 430: Yay Color Pictures

It's so great to see Naruto wearing the coat the uber-fans predicted he would wear. Same one as his dad, right?
Finally, it looks like Naruto might be able to win a battle based on his skill. Many times in the past some extenuating circumstances have led to his victory, such as someone intervening on his behalf, or he gets really angry, or the spirit inside him gets out and he goes psycho-crazy.
But now Naruto has surpassed the previous generation. That's a direct quote from the Elder Toad that was training him. Anyway, onto the summary.
Naruto and some huge battle toads teleport back to the village to find a humongous crater taking up most of the area. Tsunade has used up all of her energy (including that little diamond-shape on her head) protecting people from the explosion caused by the Pains in the last episode.
So the Puppet Pain (they don't have names, but they all have a singular specialty, so that's how I'll call them) got destroyed in the fight before. But guess what? One of the Pains has a technique much like the 3rd Hokage used when he was trying to kill Orochimaru, but with a cool twist. That twist is: not only does it suck up the souls of people it grabs, but it can apparently 'eat' a Pain, heal him, and bring him back. This is SO cheating....
So all the Pains are back, but the Akatsuki girl who's special ability is origami thinks they're all greatly weakened by making that humongous explosion. Good to know that 'god' has his limits too.
So one Pain goes back to the village and teleports the rest of them there.
Tsunade yells something about avenging the village. Puppet Pain attacks her. Naruto springs out of nowhere and crushes the Puppet Pain with a single punch. OoooOooooOOO! 'He killed a Pain with a single punch!'
I don't doubt Naruto's going to rock the scene, but it would be nice if this fight ended with someone ACTUALLY dying. Namely any member of Pain being in a totally unrecoverable state. That would be impressive.
Oh, and while this little beginning to the fight is going on, all the usual suspects are digging themselves out of debris. Shikamaru, Kiba, Hinata, and Iruka are all popping up. Shikamaru's leg appears to be broken. Choji is kneeling over his dad and Kakashi, both of whom have slugs on or near them. Does this mean Kakashi could be not dead? Maybe, like in Princess Bride, he's MOSTLY dead, but not all dead. Wouldn't that be great? We shall see.
Maybe you're asking where Guy's team is. If memory serves (which it does on occasion), they were heading back to the village after a mission. So they could be helpful and fresh reinforcements to distract some of the Pains. They each get one of the six... that'd leave 2 for Naruto. Wait, he already broke one. So yeah, that's a fair fight. Assuming Origami Girl doesn't jump in. Dang I hate Origami Girl. It just seems like the dumbest power ever. "Oh no, I have a bunch of paper cuts.... I'm almost bleeding to death, but not actually at all!" Meh.