My Favorite Movies! Number 3

#3: Princess Bride
The movie that made "Inconceivable!" a daily saying. The first time I saw this movie was in 4th grade, I believe. My teacher had some down time because she had an amazingly brilliant class, so shared this movie with us. Don't worry, the dumb in dumbtechgeek is still accuracte; school got harder after 4th grade....
After that I didn't see it again until some family friends reintroduced me to it.... 6 years ago? Since then the awesomeness of this film hits me in waves. It's not a graphical masterpiece. No special CGI or gunfights anywhere in this film. It is simply a story being told to a sick grandson by a loving grandfather.
It is amazing they put a story together from this; every other line is a well-known quote. Sword-fighting, giants, midgets, archaic machinery, heroism, huge rats, an albino, a 6-fingered man, and some background love story to keep the women-folk happy; this movie is a jam-packed testament to awesome movies.
I can't say much about the story without giving away some interesting detail of the film. It doesn't have a huge backstory like Serenity did that I can wax eloquently about. Cary Elwes (Robin from Robin Hood: Men in Tights) plays the lead role. I also give major kudos to the deceased Andre the Giant. He was a big man with a big heart who died at far too young an age. There are a couple cameos, but I'd hate to ruin it.
As expected, ThinkGeek also has some great t-shirts based on this movie too. I love the one with the nametag on it.
Go watch it right MEOW!

I grabbed the smallest scene I could. Gives just a sample of this movie's wonderful charm without actually ruining any of the story.

Thinkgeek gear from movie here.