Movie Review: Cool Hand Luke

...Wow. That's all I can say. And not like the good wow, but the "I can't believe this movie got all that hype" wow.
In honor of Paul Newman's recent passing and stellar career as a man's man and actor, I decided to rent one of his 'classic' films and watch it. This was a big departure from my normal movie viewing, and an opportunity to broaden my movie-watching horizons. I kept hearing great things about this movie, and like many things I figured it must have been good if Family Guy made fun of it.
"Waving at the Pope there, boss."
"Wave at the Pope there, Luke."
The best way I could find to summarize this movie is that it's a combination of Shawshank Redemption and Old Yeller. Now that might sound impressive, because both of those are epic films. But it's just the bad portions of each. Know how you hated the prison staff in Shawshank? Yep, looks like they were based on how messed up the guards and warden were in Cool Hand Luke. Remember how the ending to Old Yeller was pretty messed up but understandable? Yea, well take away the understandable part and we're back to Cool Hand Luke.
Overall I'm still glad I saw it. If only because it provides me the ability to have an opinion on a movie made before 1986. But also, it does have a few classic lines that until now I had always missed the reference. Also, this movie did let me know what would happen in prison to a stubborn wise-acre like me. Even I might have trouble eating 50 eggs... that part was the good Wow.

In conclusion, what do I say to the people who swear up and down that this is one of the greatest films ever though I clearly disagree?
"What we have here.... is a FAILURE to communicate."