Art of Manliness Rocks

*all images borrowed from site in question for the sake of authentic pimping.
On occasion a fine blog put together by what appears to be geniuses comes along. The Art of Manliness is one of those blogs.
You might be saying to yourself, 'how audacious of them to think they can define all that is manliness on their own!' But they're far from alone in this. They take random polls of their readers to question exactly what is manly. I've seen polls on whether cooking, certain cars, carrying guns, shooting guns, and sewing are manly. In fact, the response for cooking being manly was so positive they put together a PDF cookbook.
I've spent a fair bit of time perusing their archives, and it has even poured into my everyday conversation when these posts come to mind.
I've read posts on how to shave like a man. I'll give you a hint: it takes more than 2 minutes to do. There was another on how to be a soda connoisseur, including my personal favorite root beer. They were part of the reason I protested against high fructose corn syrup... until I needed a Mountain Dew to keep me conscious. A recent post I found hilarious and enlightening was called Your Grandpa's Babes. It listed all those classic beauties in the old movies that your grandpa probably used to define beauty back in the day. Our lists would probably include women like Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry. But most of the ladies on your grandpa's list were ultra-classy, stunningly beautiful, and had another talent like singing or directing or something. This post actually made me take an hour and a half to watch a movie made in 1953, which is weird for me since almost all my movies are younger than me. The film was "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", starring Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe. I was surprised, because Monroe sings a version of Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend that puts Nicole Kidman to shame.
They also have Manvotionals, in which they share a poem or speech or part of a biography that seems to encapsulate some aspect of being manly. I particularly liked the one with the St. Crispen's Day speech. Very motivating, and repeated in a fun little film called "Renaissance Man".
And for those worried about giving into vices, they even had posts on how to avoid common man-traps. Greed and sex were 2 of the big ones that can blind men to doing the right things.
A fun rule that the Art of Manliness introduced me to was the Brad Pitt rule. I think it works and is funny simultaneously, despite some confusion as to how it works. I might not explain it perfectly... Say you ask a girl out, and she provides a lame excuse and implies that you'll never date. To enforce the rule, assume you are Brad Pitt (using Pitt as an example of being a desirable male... yes, it's stereotypical. if you're a girl, think of some other guy who 'does it for you'). Now if Pitt had asked her out, would she give a lame excuse? No! She'd have done whatever she could to date you. But she didn't. That means you should man up, and not actively pursue her anymore. Granted things change over time, but until she shows some reciprocal interest, a man would risk appearing weak and stupid if he kept following around a girl like a lost puppy even though she made her intentions clear.
Now what if you ask her out for this Saturday and she says she already has plans? Would that be the end of the conversation with Pitt? No! She'd have spoken up about how Friday or Sunday would be better, or in some way make an effort to plan SOMETHING. Heck, she may even reschedule her already-made plans to hang out with Pitt. So, yet again, a good man would do better to move on.
I've gotten distracted from my original purpose in this post. But you can see from this small sample that the Art of Manliness has a lot of interesting stuff to offer. You don't have to agree with it all, but that doesn't keep it from being interesting. I encourage everyone to visit it. At minimum, it could confirm your manliness, or the macho nature of your man if you happen to be a lady.
Pleasant manly days to all.