Wakoopa: Track Yourself Easily

Images' source: Wakoopa.com
I know some of you out there are like me. You sit down at your computer... and 3 hours later are trying to remember what you've accomplished. On occasion I have school stuff to do on my home computer, but almost all my time at home is spent blowing off steam from a long workday. I'm prone to play a computer game, catch up on my RSS feeds, watch some recorded TV shows in Media Center, and surf YouTube for that rare video that's actually worth watching or sharing with others.
Speaking of my RSS feeds, one of the tech websites I watch mentioned a web application called Wakoopa. Basically it installs a small application on your computer and tracks what other applications you use. It then creates graphs showing you how much or what percentage of time is spent in each application. A recent release lets it drill into other web applications; so instead of it just saying "You spent 3 hours today in FireFox", it would say "You spent 2 hours in Gmail, 30 minutes in Facebook, 20 minutes in Google Reader, and 10 minutes in Blogger." This is much more thorough and truly more informative about how my time is spent.
It also has a social element. It has a live feed on the site where you can see what other users are utilizing right now. You can see other people's top 10, newly used apps, and even read reviews of any application on their lists. I personally watched the computer game Spore fly up the list, just to slowly plummet back down as the hype wore off. Another interesting one has been Google Chrome. This one not only dared to take over the top spot (but never did), it also has stayed up there in the top 10 most used. This implies that it has acquired a loyal user base that have steadily spent time running it on their machines. Either that or the people that use a web app like Wakoopa are also the same type of people that like Chrome. Take your pick.
Now you might have noticed as you were reading through this post that the name Wakoopa appears elsewhere on my blog page than just in this post. That's because they've also created a little blog add-on box that I have in my sidebar. So not only do I track my top 10 most heavily used applications, I let it be reported to my viewing public. I doubt anyone's surprised that my demo of WoW (and my second 10-day demo...) made such a leap on my list for awhile there. Hellgate London still hovers, and it may very well retake the top game spot. We shall see....
Anyway, thought I'd let you all know how cool this little application is. And if this motivates you to start using Wakoopa for your own motives, feel free to hunt me down and add me as a friend. I haven't delved into the social aspect of Wakoopa yet, and the opportunity could very well be highlighted in a future post.
Pleasant computer use to all.