Top 25 Numbers 22-20

#22 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Every high schoolers dreams of skipping school comes true in the only good movie starring Matthew Broderick. Ferris Bueller is your typical school cutup who plans a great day away from school. He does everything while playing hooky. Eating at a fancy restaurant, drives a car that he will never be able to afford, goes to a baseball game, and even sings in a parade. What else could you want to do. He also gets to spend the day with his girlfriend, the girl of his dreams. It is a good movie whether you are male or female and be prepared to laugh and enjoy yourself. Here is a classic clip for you.

#21 Tombstone

One if not The Greatest Western of all time. I know that all you John Wayne fans will disagree with me, but your wasting your breath. Sorry to burst your bubble. Kurt Russel, Val Kilmer and Sam Elliot play the sweetest Gun Fighting Cowboys that you will ever see. Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp wish to settle down at the end of their lives and enjoy themselves. Instead they end up having to clean up Tombstone, the very town that they went too to be at peace. Just watch the movie and pop a bag of popcorn. Enjoy the gun fight.

#20 Unbreakable

Bruce Willis plays a normal human being, so he would like to think, who, as you find out as the movie progresses, can not be hurt. The movie begins with David, Bruce Willis, being in a train wreck that kills everyone on board with the exception of him. He is contacted by Elijah Price, played by Samuel L. Jackson, who has been looking for a hero all his life. Elijah then works throughout the movie to convince David that he is indeed a superhero. This movie is my favorite of the superhero comic book series, because it is more realistic. Willis plays an ordinary man with just one gift, the ability to escape injury. He cannot fly or shoot fireballs out of his hands. The movie shows a man going through trouble trying to discover who he really is. He has problems in his life, such as raising a son and keeping his marriage together. Everyone young or old can relate to this story in one way or another. David's son Joseph, played by Spencer Clark, is a very believable character who wants to believe that his dad is special so bad. I would recommend that every watch this movie at least once.