Top 25 Numbers 19-17

#19 Pulp Fiction

This Quentin Tarantino Film staring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson was made in 1994. Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are two mob hit men that you would not want to walk into in the back alley, or in the store, or at church. or anywhere. There are some great lines in this movie that are both funny and really twisted. I would not recommend this movie for anyone who is at all squeamish as it is the most graphic movie on my list (Saving Private Ryan is probably more graphic but it about a war. Saving Private Ryan is coming to a blog near you soon). Here is one of the best lines in the movie. Enjoy!!

This is not how the verse goes I checked.

#18 Bourne Identity

Continuing with my previous statement that the first movie in a series is the best, I give you the Bourne identity. Matt Damon plays a US operative who is suffering from amnesia and has to learn who he is before he is found and killed. The tagline for this movie was perfect "He was the perfect weapon until he became the target" ( I believe that this movie has a lot more story and plot behind it to keep the viewers attention and heart racing. The following movies in the series are to predictable whereas what is about to happen in The Bourne Identity is any one's guess. This action packed thriller is one that can be enjoyed by the whole family. There is a brief scene with Damon and the female in this movie. They do not show any nudity only a little kissing then the screen goes black, but for those of you who get upset by that sorry. I guess its not for your family.

#17 Glory

Starring Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman Matthew Broderick, and Cary Elwes, what more could you ask for. In my opinion two of the best actors of this time in Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. Glory was made in 1989, but you would never know it was that old. The movie focuses on a African American Battalion under the command of Robert Shaw, Matthew Broderick, during the Civil War. (I know what I said in my review of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Matthew Broderick is out done by both Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington.) It shows the hardships that these men went through in order to gain there freedom. Denzel Washington's character is a rebel without a cause at the start of the movie. He gets caught leaving camp and the commanders believe that he is deserting. The next scene is Denzel being flogged for desertion. The scene is extremely believable as he stands there in complete defiance while he is being beat. While filming this scene Denzel decided that he wanted to actually be whipped so that he could express the real emotion felt (that's insane)! I wont spoil the movie for you but you have to see it. This movie almost made my top ten and on some days it does. I could not find a clip of the scene I described above, but this one is good to so enjoy.