Top 25 Movies by Evictor

I thought that it would be a good idea to put another movie list up on the site for all to view and to compare with The Tech Geek’s list. Obviously I think that mine is better but we (Tech Geek and I) would love for you to let us know what you think.

# 25 Mission Impossible

The original Mission Impossible made in 1996 and starring Tom Cruise is an extraordinary film about government assassins. What is better than that! Tom Cruise gets framed for selling American Secrets and has to prove his innocence. Mission Impossible provides enough twists and turns for three movies. (which is good because the next two movies in the series were horrible) Movie includes a good chunk of violence including a sweet head shot. Oh yeah and almost everyone dies.

# 24 Rush Hour 3

This is a fairly new movie that I laughed hilariously throughout. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker definitely outdid themselves in this one. Rush hour 3 combines both Jackie Chan’s martial arts and incredible stunts (which he still does himself) with the ridiculous comedy that Chris Tucker brings to the table. I have to admit that nothing original is in this movie, but the serious cop vs. show off cop is done to perfection. This movie makes Starsky and Hutch look like Child's play.

#23 Matrix

Generally I am a firm believer in the saying that the original movie in a series is the best. This definitely holds true with the Matrix. This movie brought Sci-fi back to life. The Matrix was completely original the only thing close was the 80’s movie Tron (which barely missed this list). Originality of computers using humans to survive by harnessing the power of the human brain along with the break through special effects made this movie a best seller across the country. Keanu Reeves plays Neo who has to learn that he is the only one who bring down the computers and release humanity from the Matrix. The only downside was the amount of language and the fact that they made two sequels.