Redheads: Not Just Evil Anymore

*Pictures probably 'borrowed' from someone. Apologies to those, but it is being used for good hyping to a previously undiscovered market.
As the movie Confidence states it, redheads are bad luck. The film even claims that Judas, the ultimate betrayer of Christ, was a redhead. Whether there's any evidence of that I have zero clue.
But that has absolutely nothing to do with what I'd like to write about today. Today we discuss a culturally active blogger and actress by the name of Felicia Day. Clearly the coolest and I daresay prettiest redhead around. And not evil. Or bad luck.
I was going to break this out into more posts, but the things I would say in the other posts are all to her credit. She's a gamer as well, and has written and starred in a web series called The Guild. In this her and a cast of friends act out the lives of people addicted to World of Warcraft. She was part of the reason I went through the two trials of the game that I did. It's quite funny and socially relevant. It also has some poignancy for me, because I have had to fight against that 'gamer' mindset that says game-time is better than people-time.
She also starred in a recent episode of House (which she has up on her blog), and in Buffy the Vampire Slayer's last couple of seasons. Oh, and there was a commercial for washing machines by Lowes or Sears or somewhere. I remember her easier than I do the company, so maybe the commercial didn't work as well as intended.
And if that wasn't enough, she was also in a different phenomenon called Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

It's already out and can be viewed after a quick Google search (seriously, I've already provided 5 or 6 links to explore above!). It stars the adorable redhead to which this post is devoted, the fun-loving guy that played Captain Mal in the movie Serenity, and the surprisingly good singing talent of Neil Patrick Harris as Dr Horrible.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough. She also had a stage performance with the previously mentioned and appreciated Jonathan Coulton. She's EVERYWHERE!!

So as you can see from this compact summarizing, she has a laundry list of things already under her belt, many of which are freely on YouTube. She's a smart and gorgeous geek, and I look forward to watching her future works. Here's a star to keep an eye on.
Pleasant redhead-stalking days to all.

P.S. .... too much?

**UPDATE** Felicia Day just updated her blog with news that season 2 of The Guild will start airing online tomorrow, the 24th of November!!! Go to her site for details. I also linked to the post in My Shared Items page. Enjoy!