All We Wanna Do Is Eat Your Brains

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Does anyone remember that AMV I put up awhile back called Code Monkey? A hilarious video, especially if you happen to work in a software development field. Well that fantastic bit of musical genius was brought to the world by Jonathan Coulton. This guy has put out seven CDs and has a fair following, likely composed mostly of the odd sorts that venture to the same techie conferences that he does. But seriously, he challenged himself to write a new song every week for a year! That's where 4 of his CDs came from, spanning 2006 entirely. I don't see any of the 'big name' music artists working even half that hard on what they make.
Most of his songs focus on a hilarious combination between monkeys, robots or zombies. But the second song of his I ever heard (after Code Monkey) was Baby Got Back. Not an original composition, but taking a song of descriptive honesty and applying his own style made for a very enjoyable audio experience.

I would suggest him to all of you. Go sample some of his stuff on YouTube, then head on over to his site and buy some stuff. I promise you won't regret it. He may even call off the horde of zombies outside your door that want to eat your brains.
Enjoy some tunes, and have a pleasant day.