Texas Enforces the Death Penalty

Thank you Texas!! One of the only states that still condemns people to death for the terrible crime that they have committed. For instance Texas put to Death by lethal injection a man who killed two parents and a 22 month old boy. I think that he deserved to die. My opinion is that lethal injection is too humane for some of these crimes like the next guy that they put to death. A man who executed three people in a robbery and took then took the fourth individual, a woman, captive so that he could rape and torture her. All the pain that he caused and he will be put to death the most humane way that we can think of, this is unacceptable. If it was up to me we would go back to hanging or electrocution. Even better why shouldn’t we make the murders die the same way that their victims had to die? Even though this is not the world I wish it was Texas is still on the right track, having executed 6 people in the last 3 weeks and 6 more scheduled in the next 3 weeks. Thank you Texas!!