Read Directions Carefully & Entirely Before Operating

Found an article about running a screensaver in the background of Vista. Like it was wallpaper. Had an interesting example of it and it looked like a really cool thing to do.
My current screensaver is Picasa's collection of some near and dear photos of mine. I'd love to have that running all the time while I work above it.
So I open the command prompt and enter some command similar to 'Aurora /p4065' or something (I'm not looking the correct one up, especially since I'm advising all not to do it). What happens? A screensaver starts, of course! What could be wrong with that? Well, not only was it on top of all my windows and menu bars, it was persistent. I move the mouse, it's still on top. I switch between windows and see a flicker of their outline before the screensaver wipes over them again in less than a second. I hit the Windows key and see the menu slide out, but then can't even see what I've selected or where the mouse is. HOSTILE TAKEOVER!
My guess is there were directions in the article as to how to run the command and KEEP the screensaver behind things. But I didn't read that far. I ended up logging out and logging back in and the problem was fixed. No longer felt the urge to tweak my screensaver, so didn't look for the article again.
I share things of this nature to highlight my own random silliness, but also to try to spare anyone from having to make the same mistake. There have been other posts of this nature. All likelihood there will be more. Stick around. Who knows, we might learn something.
Pleasant days to all.